Goblin Hunt.jpg

Event[edit | edit source]

You return to the fields of Hubie's neighbourhood to discover that many of his neighbours have moved out.

One old crotchety fellow remains, along with his two sons.

The Dealer draws a Clip of Mischief.

The player enters Combat.

You recover your stolen equipment and face down the cowering old goblin.

With a cry, he flings a handful of sparkling dust into your face and leaps back into his house.

Peering into the hole, you see him grab an assortment of hats before escaping through a portal, leaving his other treasures behind.

The player draws 3 Equipment Cards.

While examining the collection of undoubtedly stolen items, you hear the old goblin's fading voice.

"I'll not forget this, strange meat!"

The player is cursed with Goblin's Revenge.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Acquire the token for Hubie Saves the Goblins.

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